Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries (LE) Registration Instructions


The LE consists of fourteen papers. There are two modes of examination for LE Papers i.e., Computer-based Examination (CBE) and Paper-based Examination (PBE).All examination papers will be offered in both English and Chinese, and examination questions will be set in a multiple-choice (MC) format. LE papers are offered on a monthly basis except for Paper 4, Paper 10 and Paper 15. The LEs for Papers 4 and 10 are conducted on a quarterly basis, usually in March, June, September and December. The LEs for Paper 15 is conducted on a bimonthly basis, usually in January, March, May, July, September and November. However, the number of examination sessions may be increased to meet demand, if necessary. For the latest examination dates and enrolment deadlines, please refer to the examination timetables available at the HKSI Institute counter and/or on its website.

Examination Timetable


Examination Papers No. of MC Questions Duration (minutes) Passing Mark Examination Fees
Regulatory Papers
Paper 1 Fundamentals of Securities and Futures Regulation 60 90 70% HK$1060
Paper 2 Regulation of Securities 40 60 70% HK$1150
Paper 3 Regulation of Derivatives 40 60 70% HK$1150
Paper 4 Regulation of Credit Rating Services 40 60 70% HK$1150
Paper 5 Regulation of Corporate Finance 40 60 70% HK$1150
Paper 6 Regulation of Asset Management 40 60 70% HK$1150
Practical Papers
Paper 7 Financial Markets 60 90 70% HK$800
Paper 8 Securities 40 60 70% HK$800
Paper 9 Derivatives 40 60 70% HK$800
Paper 10 Credit Rating Services 40 60 70% HK$800
Paper 11 Corporate Finance 40 90 70% HK$800
Paper 12 Asset Management 40 60 70% HK$800
Sponsors Papers
Paper 15 Sponsors (Principals) 40 60 70% HK$1150
Paper 16 Sponsors (Representatives) 40 60 70% HK$1150

* The LE does not comprise Paper 13 and Paper 14.

You can reference the SFC Guidelines on Competence at the following website.

SFC Guidelines on Competence

  • Method 1 You can purchase the E-study Manual physically at the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute.
  • Method 2 You can download the E-Study Manual only after you have enrolled in the corresponding exam. You can download it under the candidate history section in the OES (Online Enrollment System).


OES (Online Enrollment System)

You can download the exam timetable at the following address



Examination Timetable